Summoning Inspiration on Zero Cents: Summoning the Spirits

Well, Shoestringers, I am in the debit dumps! I've been going over my checkbook (oy!) and counting down the days until my next paycheck (this evening included: 17 - double oy!) and the verdict: I have just a couple dollars more to play with between now and my next check than I had for the infamous 18-Day Spending Challenge. What does this mean for my prospects of arriving at pay day without having to dip into June's rent money? It can be done. Sadly, what does that also mean? I got to do it. Thus here I sit, sore pitiful and not exactly penniless but feeling that way. 

And yet, I started this post because I wanted to share with you my latest Polyvore collage "Summoning the Spirits". Time and time again, art has sustained me in a way my salary cannot. In the past year, making collage art online has proved to be both a creative outlet and a major stress reliever. I've said before how much I love it because it is like virtual art class and you don't have to spend money on supplies! Free fun...but also a source of inspiration. For via Polyvore I've allowed myself to explore the aesthetic realm in new ways, actively questioning and seeking out that which will inspire me to create, and by extension, further inspiration reveals itself to me in the images I create. This collage is a testament to the endless inspiration I derive from fairy tales: stories of magic and wonder. Whether you have a little or a lot, take time out of your day to seek out wonder and with it create something, whether it be computer graphics or glued popsicle sticks! Art and inspiration can be found at any income level --and thank God! I sure do need both tonight.


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