Sweet Inspiration: Shoestring News Salutes Diane McNease

I had already put the blog to bed for the night when I came across this amazing story on Yahoo! --and I just had to share it with you, Shoestringers!!! Diane McNease is a Michigan teen who went to the prom this year in a dress that has a bodice made up of approximately 18,000 Starburst wrappers! The delicious deed was done on a dare. It took over a year to collect the wrappers (she didn't eat all the candy herself, thank goodness) and 5 months to construct. Just think of that next time you feel like there's no way you can't make your own clothes/accessories!

Diane McNease & date (and 18,000 candy wrappers).
Photo credit: WLUC-TV
To read more about McNease and her unconventional project, check out the article by Yahoo! blogger Sarah B. Weir.


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