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Summer Me & Sally Sometimes

Summer Me: My Colors of the Season by shabbychicstyle featuring jeweled thong sandals

Where in the world is Shoestring Sally??? Well, I've been around & definitely got the guilts for ignoring you all this time, my sweet Shoestringers, disappearing without so much as a hiatus notice. My absence has not been planned. Let's just say the summer has ushered in a host of fun activities and I find myself living life mostly offline these days. And as much as I love blogging, I think that is probably a good thing. Now I find myself on a short vacay-- will I be able to strike a better balance between the off & online spheres in the coming weeks? I hope so. It can't be any harder than balancing my checkbook! :>P Is there a connection between our incessant desire to acquire and the online living (or so-called living) that is the modern status quo? I think so but I'm not really sure what. It is something beyond the spend-inducing advertisements that flash upon our screen…

Straw Hat Remix: Getting 2 Looks Out of 1

Today I want to share with you one of my latest crafty clothes projects --altering a straw hat. This is the same hat featured in my March post My Very First Straw Hat - $9.90 USD:

While I love the old fashion feel the floral trim gives the hat --I think when I bought it I fancied myself skipping through Wessex cornfields like a character in a Hardy novel!-- I found myself hankering for something simpler that can be worn with lots of different things. In short, I wished I had a plain straw hat. I almost bought one. I'm glad I didn't for one day I got the idea of removing the trim from the hat I already have. It was tacked on with a couple big stitches easily taken care of with a seam ripper. Things got a bit sticky when I discovered it was also attached with a few globs of hot glue --but I was able to dispatch of the offensive globules from both the hat and the trim by gently rubbing it til it rolled off, the heat from my fingertips softening the glue. To my delight I discovered…

Style Icon: Hayley Mills

Today I decided to share with you dear readers my latest Polyvore collage --a tribute to actress Hayley Mills. She is a style icon I have just recently rediscovered for myself. Let's just say I plum forgot about her, which is surprising as I adored her as I child. My mother sometimes said I looked like her and I can remember being very cross about that when I first saw her in The Parent Trap because, well, let's face it, that odd bowl with wavy bangs hair cut was not her best look! That and she had a snub, button nose and I did not like mine! But as I got a little older (and she did as I watched some of her later films) I absolutely loved her and her look. Though I did then, and still do now, think she looked much better going into her twenties --with her signature puppy fat shed. Nevertheless she was always, per my collage, simply adorable.
My favorite films of hers are (starting with most favorite and working down the list): 1. That Darn Cat, 2. Summer Magic, and 3. The Trou…

If I had a dollar for every time I didn't catch a typo...

I'd still be broke! I'm usually very good at ferreting out the little buggers before I hit "Publish", which is why finding, just a few moments ago, a you're/your flub 2 posts back is so egregious! I aspire to be better than the average web: it is shocking some of the errors one sees on websites --reputable news sites even!  PMG, waht iss tis werld coming coming too???

Look What's Shooting Down the Shoestring this Summer!

Random bits of fabulousness Sally comes across will be served up for your ocular consumption.Sal's still finding free fun at the library & soon will share the latest literary gems she's mined.Thrifty supplies for the starving artist will get a look-see.Hats, spats & other apparel abound as we look at "fashion plates you've never heard of".How is Sally handling a shrinking wardrobe due to a shrinking waistline? Sale by sale, Shoestringers, sale by sale! And she'll be giving you the skinny as it develops --pun intended!Even more product reviews are in store! This time we'll look at those cosmetic goodies Sally is willing to go the extra penny for.And Sally might just let you in to her drawers --NO! Not that kind!-- we're talking furniture & how to de-clutter, design & delight.
So sit tight Shoestringers! The dog days of summer are howling something fierce here in Haute Hooverville but Sally's staycationing and will be on hand to help …

Statcounter: A Shocking Shoestring Sally Exposé (Plus Tips & Tricks for Navigating the Blogosphere)

I'm dying to reveal this thrifty secret: I can see everything about you! Well, not exactly everything. But I see A LOT, including visitors' operating systems and browsers, approximate length of time one spends on each post, etc. And why? Because I, like A TON of bloggers & website owners, use a FREE application powered by Statcounter. It is truly amazing. Now I don't use it because I'm nosy (well, not completely); rather, it is a terrific way to gauge what posts draw the biggest readership & how people find your blog in the first place. This info can be invaluable in providing readers with engaging content and you can see how much of you're stuff is actually getting out there. Because no offense Blogger, your analytics suck! And I am not too impressed with Google Analytics either, I might add. Now surprise, surprise Statcounter offers a paid premium service (you can essentially buy a bigger log in which to store your analytics) but what you get for free is …