Look What's Shooting Down the Shoestring this Summer!

  • Random bits of fabulousness Sally comes across will be served up for your ocular consumption.
  • Sal's still finding free fun at the library & soon will share the latest literary gems she's mined.
  • Thrifty supplies for the starving artist will get a look-see.
  • Hats, spats & other apparel abound as we look at "fashion plates you've never heard of".
  • How is Sally handling a shrinking wardrobe due to a shrinking waistline? Sale by sale, Shoestringers, sale by sale! And she'll be giving you the skinny as it develops --pun intended!
  • Even more product reviews are in store! This time we'll look at those cosmetic goodies Sally is willing to go the extra penny for.
  • And Sally might just let you in to her drawers --NO! Not that kind!-- we're talking furniture & how to de-clutter, design & delight.

So sit tight Shoestringers! The dog days of summer are howling something fierce here in Haute Hooverville but Sally's staycationing and will be on hand to help & to humor!

And though the day is almost done...



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