Straw Hat Remix: Getting 2 Looks Out of 1

Today I want to share with you one of my latest crafty clothes projects --altering a straw hat. This is the same hat featured in my March post My Very First Straw Hat - $9.90 USD:

Remember me?
While I love the old fashion feel the floral trim gives the hat --I think when I bought it I fancied myself skipping through Wessex cornfields like a character in a Hardy novel!-- I found myself hankering for something simpler that can be worn with lots of different things. In short, I wished I had a plain straw hat. I almost bought one. I'm glad I didn't for one day I got the idea of removing the trim from the hat I already have. It was tacked on with a couple big stitches easily taken care of with a seam ripper. Things got a bit sticky when I discovered it was also attached with a few globs of hot glue --but I was able to dispatch of the offensive globules from both the hat and the trim by gently rubbing it til it rolled off, the heat from my fingertips softening the glue. To my delight I discovered the trim was indeed one long piece of neatly-hemmed gossamer fabric, as opposed to a "faux bow" attached to a separate band. Voilà! A charming head scarf in addition to a hat. Okay, okay, what I did was ridiculously simple and this wasn't a major makeover or anything, but all the more reason to share it with you, my dear Shoestringers: sometimes we already have what we want and don't realize it. And sometimes (like my discovery about the scarf) there's even more in our wardrobes than we think! So what easy peasy projects are hiding in your closet? You may be surprised.

Looking quite smug over my "new" headgear.
Who's that lurking under a hat?
The right chapeau can add an air of mystery!

My darling serendipity: a colorful headscarf. many looks, so little time!


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