Style Icon: Hayley Mills

Today I decided to share with you dear readers my latest Polyvore collage --a tribute to actress Hayley Mills. She is a style icon I have just recently rediscovered for myself. Let's just say I plum forgot about her, which is surprising as I adored her as I child. My mother sometimes said I looked like her and I can remember being very cross about that when I first saw her in The Parent Trap because, well, let's face it, that odd bowl with wavy bangs hair cut was not her best look! That and she had a snub, button nose and I did not like mine! But as I got a little older (and she did as I watched some of her later films) I absolutely loved her and her look. Though I did then, and still do now, think she looked much better going into her twenties --with her signature puppy fat shed. Nevertheless she was always, per my collage, simply adorable.

Childhood Idols: Hayley Mills by shabbychicstyle
My favorite films of hers are (starting with most favorite and working down the list): 1. That Darn Cat, 2. Summer Magic, and 3. The Trouble with Angels. Trailing just behind (but not by far) is The Family Way, which was a bit controversial when it first came out as it was one of her first (if not the first?) "adult roles". The subject matter was rather racy for its day: the story centers on a pair of young, working-class newlyweds who just can't seem to get that marriage consummated! When word of the couple's marital troubles get out, folks start doubting the young hubby's manhood (aka Is he gay?). Oh and it's a comedy! Needless to say, audiences had trouble with Hayley all grown up at first but she continued to work steadily, taking time out for marriage and family. But getting back to her fresh as a spring daisy vintage look: one needn't be a teeny-bopper to pull it off (well, avoid her period costumes from Summer Magic) for her gamine, 60s style is always in fashion...and can be duplicated on a shoestring budget. But her trademarks are a fresh-scrubbed, no-frills face and carefree spirit...two things that won't cost a penny!


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