Summer Me & Sally Sometimes

Summer Me: My Colors of the Season

Summer Me: My Colors of the Season by shabbychicstyle featuring jeweled thong sandals

Where in the world is Shoestring Sally??? Well, I've been around & definitely got the guilts for ignoring you all this time, my sweet Shoestringers, disappearing without so much as a hiatus notice. My absence has not been planned. Let's just say the summer has ushered in a host of fun activities and I find myself living life mostly offline these days. And as much as I love blogging, I think that is probably a good thing. Now I find myself on a short vacay-- will I be able to strike a better balance between the off & online spheres in the coming weeks? I hope so. It can't be any harder than balancing my checkbook! :>P Is there a connection between our incessant desire to acquire and the online living (or so-called living) that is the modern status quo? I think so but I'm not really sure what. It is something beyond the spend-inducing advertisements that flash upon our screen and the accompanying pressure to own the latest gadgets. No, it is something else I cannot quite articulate and need to mull over further. Perhaps somewhat hypocritically I also share with you today my recent Polyvore collage featuring my favorite colors and styles of the summer season. As Ava Gardner once said, "Deep down, I'm pretty superficial." No matter, while some of the items pictured are spendy, I carefully chose looks that can be found at any price level: shades of melon & turquoise, funky tribal-chic jewelry and sleek bedazzled sandals adorn shop displays everywhere from Lord & Taylor to Old Navy, proving once more you don't have to spend a fortune to look like a mint. With that, I wrap up with the promise to do a little bit better at keeping in touch from hereon. But can you make do with Sally ...only sometimes? 


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