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Aesthetic Stream of Consciousness: Random Things Inspiring Me Today


Shoestring Sucks: Psychic Vampires Attack!

Yes, yes I know. I have been ignoring you my darling readers --off making hay while the summer sun shines, my revels dampened by only occasional demi-sincere twinges of guilt: "Um, I really should update the blog, huh?" There's so much beauty and creativity in the world to write about, too, but have I done so? No! Instead I have given you the Shoestring silent treatment lo these many weeks only to trudge back now with a tale of woe and two arms reaching out for comfort, like a former-BFF that ditched you for a man. But brother, can you spare some time? I wouldn't ask you for a dime in this economy, but, hmm, then again when you factor in opportunity cost...

Now what has got me so down today? Let's just say I got sucked dry by a Psychic Vampire, or rather Psychic Vampire Subtype B: The Insecurity Instigator. You know those people that miraculously drain your energy just by being negative and catty and pushing those buttons on your blazer that stir up fear and self…