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The Simple Chic & Worldly Wit of Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton: Lord knows... by shabbychicstyle

I made this fashion set a while ago but tonight I decided that reposting on Shoestring News was apropos. Hutton inspires me because hers is a style not based on label-conscious egoism but on life in all its exuberant glory. Let me share with you the write up that accompanies this set on my shabbychicstyle page:Lauren Hutton wanted to model so she could travel the world --tramp around Africa with a rucksack on her back & no makeup on her face. This set is inspired by her adventurous spirit. Perhaps that is why she is a model who does not make me feel poor or "less than". Rather, she is a woman who inspires me to be brave and live life to the fullest! But to return to superficiality for just a second, her classic, clean look can be duplicated even if you don't have a super model salary! 
You can see more images of the fab, fearless Hutton in my post Inexpensive Inspirations: Find Your Inner Fashion Icon.

Fall Fashion Inspiration: Sonjia of Project Runway

This season of Project Runway (season 10) my favorite designer is Sonjia Williams, a blue-haired Bostonian who cuts some mean modes. I am currently taking on the daunting task of building a fashionable, professional wardrobe on a truly Shoestring budget --thus it is essential I keep my eyes open for stylish inspirations of a haute order to better inform my budget shopping. My 2-fold mission: A. acquire some top-quality pieces that will give me maximum return on my investment, and, B. intersperse these pricier items with less expensive pieces that look top-quality.

Enter Sonjia! I am simply mad about the fab fall looks she sent down the runway last week. Well, okay, to be fair this was a team challenge. But it was Sonjia's creative vision and powerhouse tailoring that lead the way. I recently bought a standard grey suit (I know, BLAH!) but I am making it a priority to round out my wardrobe this season with a rich range of earth tones and textures. And these outfits provide the per…

Shabby Chic Ponders Whether or Not One Can Be a Hoarder AND Fashionable

Shabby Chic Ponders Whether or Not One Can Be a Hoarder AND Fashionable by shabbychicstyle

Here is my latest Polyvore collage. Rather self-explanatory. Shoestring Sally (aka shabbychicstyle) is a bit of a pack rat. Oh but what a distasteful phrase! I prefer to think I am "a mouse with foresight". You never know when you will need something again! Of course, this tendency unfortunately shapes my present tense as well: I often waste money at the shops on those Gotta Haves & Must Stock Ups . September has brought with it a new commitment to frugality however. I have much more to say about that...details to follow, Shoestringers. xoxo