Fall Fashion Inspiration: Sonjia of Project Runway

Sonjia Williams
This season of Project Runway (season 10) my favorite designer is Sonjia Williams, a blue-haired Bostonian who cuts some mean modes. I am currently taking on the daunting task of building a fashionable, professional wardrobe on a truly Shoestring budget --thus it is essential I keep my eyes open for stylish inspirations of a haute order to better inform my budget shopping. My 2-fold mission: A. acquire some top-quality pieces that will give me maximum return on my investment, and, B. intersperse these pricier items with less expensive pieces that look top-quality.

Enter Sonjia! I am simply mad about the fab fall looks she sent down the runway last week. Well, okay, to be fair this was a team challenge. But it was Sonjia's creative vision and powerhouse tailoring that lead the way. I recently bought a standard grey suit (I know, BLAH!) but I am making it a priority to round out my wardrobe this season with a rich range of earth tones and textures. And these outfits provide the perfect inspiration. Enjoy --and please note, I made the following collages but all images were culled from Lifetime's Project Runway page. No copyright infringement was intended: indeed Shoestring News heartily endorses both the Lifetime Network and Project Runway. So if you're intrigued by what you see here, please check out the website for even more "make it work" fashion moments (and watch the show!).


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