Thoughts on Escapism: What Mary Margaret Found In the Garden

What Mary Margaret Found In the Garden

What Mary Margaret Found In the Garden by shabbychicstyle on Polyvore

Do you long to escape your life? Your worries? Your cares? Your BILLS? I do today, more than ever. On this Sunday, I am definitely feeling overwhelmed by all the expenses howling at my door like the proverbial wolf. And dear readers, my hood is most definitely red. In the red --hah! A fitting pun, don't you think? My struggle to build a more professional, polished fall wardrobe is a major stressor at the moment. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. My body is sending clear signals that I am in meltdown mode: my jaw is so sore and tight, the bruxism that used to plague me has returned. Once more, I wear my night guard so as not to damage my teeth. This is not good! This heralds the need for change --in both attitude and financial circumstances. But today I want to escape. I've mused on here more than once how people today all too often attempt to escape their financial woes by shopping, which only worsens the situation. I know I am guilty of that. The collage I made today reflects my desire to find another way to cope, even if it is just as impractical: MAGIC. 

Are there little people in the garden with the power to whisk me away to another realm?  I wish, I wish. Like the little girl in the picture (made by a terrific artist - click on the Polyvore links above, on Polyvore you an access artist info about each image used in the collage) I need to stumble upon a little magic. But can I make my own magic? Can I craft a spell that will change my life, its incantation comprised of goals, strategy and effort? I must try to find out, My jaw can't take much more of this!


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