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Inexpensive Inspirations: Visions of Light

Today I find myself drawn to visons of light and air, of space and silence. Serenity. Balance. The need to break through the fear and stress and noise of life into the quiet quite not, the something that slips so easily from the fingertips.
My inspirations du jour:

Chalk-a-Doodle? Do!


Pattern Jive: 1970s Style

Pattern Jive: 1970s Style by shabbychicstyle featuring platform shoes

As you may gather from my latest Polyvore set, I am still mining creative inspiration from the visually chaotic 1970s. The colors here bring to mind the ace DVF sunglasses I wrote about earlier this year: 

You can find out how I scored such spendy eye candy on the cheap and read more about my 70s-era inspirations in last February's post Okay, so I broke my sunglasses rule...

Fab Hat of the Week Returns: Agata's Perfect Holiday Hat

Greetings Hat Lovers! I just got my mitts on holiday pix of loyal Shoestringer Agata Zwolankiewicz, who hails from Sosnowiec, Poland. While on vacation in Bulgaria this summer she sported a darling pink chapeau:

Agata proves that sun hats are not just for lil ol' ladies going to church --her look is young, flirty and fresh. Verdict? PiÄ™kne!

And while not a hat, you must admit the vintage lace Peter Pan collar adorning the dress of Agata's friend Klaudia is equally fab!

Photos courtesy of Agata Zwolankiewicz.