Style Inspiration: Hanna Schygulla

I adore today's fur collar feature on The Sartorialist. But it is not so much the furs I find enchanting. Rather it is the overall effect of  sophisticated-shabbiness in the personalities and poses of the women featured that captivates. It calls to mind the world weary sensuality of German actress and chanson singer Hanna Schygulla. A dispossessed countess, a woman betrayed by love and roaming the streets in a hungry daze ...such intriguing vibes radiate from these fluffy-necked fashion plates.

Ah, that brings me to my current challenge: with my meagre fall wardrobe budget I must find creative ways to look "sophisticated-shabby" and not just shabby! Perhaps I need to channel my inner Hanna? And on that note here are   two Polyvore sets I made earlier this year in tribute to Ms. Schygulla's style. Hope you find her inspiring!

~Hanna in Schwarz und Weiß~

Style Icons: Hanna Schygulla in Schwarz und Weiß.

~Hanna in Farbe~

Style Icons: Hanna Schygulla in Farbe


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