Yummy Inspiration: Let Them Wear Cake!

I know, my darling Shoestringers and Strungouters, Sally has been most neglectful of her Blog Goddess duties as of late. Terrible, yes yes. But I aim to make amends in the coming weeks for I have so much to blog about. For now, let me share with you something that I think is uberultrafantabulously creative --and here at Shoestring News we love to celebrate the uber and the ultra! Not that long ago, I saw comedian Chris Tucker in concert at the Connecticut casino Mohegan Sun (Free ticket courtesy of a friend...how could I resist?) and as some of you may know you can find just about anything in a casino. Thus it was not too surreal to stumble upon a display of ornate wedding cakes and this one takes the cake:

WOW! That make my cakes look downright --oh who am I kidding, I've never baked a cake. But whether you bake it or fake it, this confection certainly inspires. The folds of the gown are amazing: the icing really does look like draped fabric. 

Here are a couple close-up shots, sorry they are a bit blurry:

It is truly a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach...well, maybe not the latter. Who knows how long it has been in that case!


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