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Polyvore Pals: KateOlive

Greetings, Shoestringers! By now, you are well-versed in my Polyvore addiction, as I frequently post on Shoestring News (and on our new Twitter page) the art and fashion collages (or "sets") I make on Polyvore under the snazzy nom de plume shabbychicstyle. But I can't stop there! Talent abounds amongst my fellow Polyvorians and I simply must share with you some of the wonderful artists that inspire me! First up is the fabulous KateOlive, a writer, artist & retired attorney who hails from the United States. The outfits showcased in KateOlive's sets bespeak the diversity and sophistication of the city that often inspires them: New York. As for me, I am particularly inspired by her use of color, pattern, and choice of accessories. I could have picked dozens of sets to share with you today but have settled on three of my favorite.

If you care to see more --and you will!-- just click the links provided to access her Polyvore pages. Also, when you view the sets direct…