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I think I might have started this blog with the declaration that I will not waste money on a custom domain but rather let my blogspot-url flag fly! But it's only $10 a year. And our readership is growing. And Sal's got to put more time and effort into cultivating her online presence as a writer/world-class kvetcher so... here it is, we are now officially
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Shabby Chic: In Praise of Old Things

Hail, Shoestringers! Today I sit at home stuffed up and snuffly with a cold and cabin fever is beginning to set in. I'm thinking about old stuff of the "shabby chic" variety. I think it's those beloved, seen-better-days mementos that can best imbue a home with elegance. Ironic, no? In that spirit, I've snapped a few pics of old things of mine that I love. The photo quality is a bit shabby chic as well --I took them with my phone for I still have yet to get a new camera. Regardless, I hope they inspire you to find new beauty in old things.

1. My sewing box: a Rembrandt cookie tin that belonged to my great-grandfather, a top-notch tailor. It was passed on to me via my grandmother.

2. My blue chair: this diminutive rocker was a salvage find. It is all form and no function, true, but with a glittery scarf and new pillow it makes for a cheery addition to my gloomy front hall.

3. My spooky skeleton key: I found this in the cellar of my childhood home. As you can see, I…

Shoestring Fix: The Eyes Have It

Life on the shoestring can make you very resourceful. I recently found myself in a pinch: away from home, no contact lens case and it was too late to buy one. A cheap fix? Two plastic bottle caps --cleaned thoroughly!-- and sealed with foil got my soft contact lenses safely through the night. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone (In other words, I am not responsible for any shriveled shrinky-dink lenses if this doesn't work for you!) but if you find yourself in a similar predicament you may want to try it. I made sure to fill the cap with solution well above the lens and doubly sure that the foil did not touch the solution, just in case it would result in some adverse chemical reaction. At the time, I realized this might be a useful tip so I snapped a pic...Oooh! I almost forgot, if you don't wear the same prescription in both eyes, make sure to clearly mark which is which!

Yikes Y'all! The New Year Brings Old Dilemmas.

12-day countdown to pay day, Shoestringers, and my bank balance is better suited for two. Plus my near-sighted eyes spy a blurry new pair of spectacles down the road: my slightly out-of-date prescription eyewear recently told me, "Enough is a enough." I have a strange crack in the frame. :>( Spending habits? Not too much better than my cash flow! I splurged on a warm comforter via credit and got highlights to beat the dreary winter blahs that had descended upon my kopf. To my credit (pun intended) I have significantly cut back on my drugstore splurges and I have been cooking more at home. Still... something has got to give. Extra income needs to be generated and fat needs to be cut. Oh and speaking of fat...wait, I'll save that for another post.

Wish me luck, Shoestringers! xoxo Sally

Vintage Burberry: Gisela's Gorgeous Trench

A Burberry trench coat is on my fashion bucket list so naturally I went gaga over this picture of my friend Gisela and begged her to let me showcase it on Shoestring News.

Yes, that's right --per the caption she was wearing that coat in 1972! Over 40 years later, the look is still  elegant and in fashion, proof that the classics never go out of style. This high quality garment also lasted Gisela many years. She later passed the coat on to her sister, that lucky duck!

Oh Burberry trench, Burberry trench, some day you will be mine! Until then I shall make do with the London Fog coat I snagged at half price from TJ Maxx. Can't afford Burberry, either? No worries! You too can look just as fab in a shoestring budget-friendly substitute....oh, but one day...

And speaking of dress up daydreams here is a Burberry fashion set I made recently on Polyvore, featuring the big B's recent riff on the classic trench.

Burberry: Brown and Out by shabbychicstyle

Keep dreaming & scheming, …