Shoestring Fix: The Eyes Have It

Life on the shoestring can make you very resourceful. I recently found myself in a pinch: away from home, no contact lens case and it was too late to buy one. A cheap fix? Two plastic bottle caps --cleaned thoroughly!-- and sealed with foil got my soft contact lenses safely through the night. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone (In other words, I am not responsible for any shriveled shrinky-dink lenses if this doesn't work for you!) but if you find yourself in a similar predicament you may want to try it. I made sure to fill the cap with solution well above the lens and doubly sure that the foil did not touch the solution, just in case it would result in some adverse chemical reaction. At the time, I realized this might be a useful tip so I snapped a pic...Oooh! I almost forgot, if you don't wear the same prescription in both eyes, make sure to clearly mark which is which!


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