Yikes Y'all! The New Year Brings Old Dilemmas.

12-day countdown to pay day, Shoestringers, and my bank balance is better suited for two. Plus my near-sighted eyes spy a blurry new pair of spectacles down the road: my slightly out-of-date prescription eyewear recently told me, "Enough is a enough." I have a strange crack in the frame. :>( Spending habits? Not too much better than my cash flow! I splurged on a warm comforter via credit and got highlights to beat the dreary winter blahs that had descended upon my kopf. To my credit (pun intended) I have significantly cut back on my drugstore splurges and I have been cooking more at home. Still... something has got to give. Extra income needs to be generated and fat needs to be cut. Oh and speaking of fat...wait, I'll save that for another post.

Wish me luck, Shoestringers!


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