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Shoestring Update: Sally Slips, Twitter Quips & Audrey Hepburn's Fingernails

Greetings Shoestringers! I thought it fitting to log on and let you all know I have not posted in awhile due to a rather bad tumble I took on the ice. All's well but have had back injuries that I've needed to devote my energies to and beyond the occasional Twitter post have not been up for much. But I am rallying and I do have some posts in the works I hope to publish soon... a little DIY project, more Polyvore Pal profiles and, well, some random ruminations on my attempts to embrace that which does not come with a designer label and steep price tag, sigh. Yes, much of my thoughts have been on finding ways to be healthier and happier that are natural, holistic and that honor my spirit. I confess I still frequently find myself drooling over Burberry trenches & fretting at my meager wardrobe but I am trying really hard to ask myself what is style at it's very heart. I think true style comes from spirit, comes from knowing and being who you are. I will never forget this …

Thriftmystyle: Celia Birtwell

Check out this post about one of my fave fashion designers Celia Birtwell  from one of my fave fashion blogs Thriftmystyle........Fashion, Vintage, Me:

Friday, 1 February 2013: Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo

Polyvore Pals: Sexton In the City's Look for Under $70

Up til now my primary focus on Shoestring News has been designer labels I may drool over but could never afford. So that's why I'm excited to mix things up and share with you this clever Polyvore set by Sexton In The City. a makeup artist, stylist and personal shopper based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Canada, my chilly neighbor to the North, has become a fashion hot spot in recent years --who can forget Project Runway Canada hosted by Iman?! Heidi eat your heart out! But back to Sexton: here she demonstrates how resourceful Shoestringers can duplicate celeb style with a trip to Old Navy. And I have to tell you, I LOVE me some Old Navy. Time and again I have found the weave and weight of their cotton goods to be better than those of more expensive brands. Frankly, clothes are made so cheaply nowadays the name isn't always an accurate indicator of quality.

Note to my US readers: The $70 is Canadian currency but as of this writing that equals $70.21 USD.

Red & Navy Stri…

Givenchy at TJ Maxx??? Now I have seen it all.

Let me assure you I did NOT buy this. I was just so shocked to find it on a recent shopping trip I had to take a snap. I mean, sure there are some good brands at the Maxx --but Givenchy?! Givenchy certainly ranks above the "affordable luxury" category, which is how you would classify most of the designer duds carried by TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Sorry I wasn't able to get much of the bag in the picture but let me tell you it was the softest damn leather I have ever felt. It was like buttah!

The Contemplated Purchase: Sally Goes Red for Women

I have put this dress on a 1-day hold at Macy's:

Dare I buy it?! I get 20% off for donating to Macy's Go Red for Women campaign, a fundraising effort in support of the American Heart Association's research for and outreach to women. Did you know heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the US? Today I bought my lil red dress pin for $2 and from now til February 14th I get 20% off on all my purchases --even if I don't use my Macy's card! I need a Valentine's Day date dress, something cute and sexy but one that is versatile enough to be worn to more than one kind of occasion  I know, I know, this isn't red but I already have a red coat and on me this dress looks smokin'. Not that the model pictured doesn't look lovely but I have a bit more sand in the top half of my hour glass so.... what do you think about shoes? It is a very dark navy with cream dots. The model has gold shoes on but I think a nude shoe. A vintage Mary Jane strap heel perhaps? Deci…