Polyvore Pals: Sexton In the City's Look for Under $70

Up til now my primary focus on Shoestring News has been designer labels I may drool over but could never afford. So that's why I'm excited to mix things up and share with you this clever Polyvore set by Sexton In The City. a makeup artist, stylist and personal shopper based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Canada, my chilly neighbor to the North, has become a fashion hot spot in recent years --who can forget Project Runway Canada hosted by Iman?! Heidi eat your heart out! But back to Sexton: here she demonstrates how resourceful Shoestringers can duplicate celeb style with a trip to Old Navy. And I have to tell you, I LOVE me some Old Navy. Time and again I have found the weave and weight of their cotton goods to be better than those of more expensive brands. Frankly, clothes are made so cheaply nowadays the name isn't always an accurate indicator of quality.

Note to my US readers: The $70 is Canadian currency but as of this writing that equals $70.21 USD.

Red & Navy Stripes

Red & Navy Stripes by sextoninthecity featuring old navy

I don't know about you but I prefer the stripes of varying widths on the Old Navy dress. I think it is more figure flattering --a Sexton Success!


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