Shoestring Update: Sally Slips, Twitter Quips & Audrey Hepburn's Fingernails

Greetings Shoestringers! I thought it fitting to log on and let you all know I have not posted in awhile due to a rather bad tumble I took on the ice. All's well but have had back injuries that I've needed to devote my energies to and beyond the occasional Twitter post have not been up for much. But I am rallying and I do have some posts in the works I hope to publish soon... a little DIY project, more Polyvore Pal profiles and, well, some random ruminations on my attempts to embrace that which does not come with a designer label and steep price tag, sigh. Yes, much of my thoughts have been on finding ways to be healthier and happier that are natural, holistic and that honor my spirit. I confess I still frequently find myself drooling over Burberry trenches & fretting at my meager wardrobe but I am trying really hard to ask myself what is style at it's very heart. I think true style comes from spirit, comes from knowing and being who you are. I will never forget this passage in Isabella Rossellini's fabulously eccentric memoir Some of Me wherein she describes a most interesting encounter with film star and then-UNICEF Ambassador Audrey Hepburn:

I saw Audrey Hepburn's dirty fingernails at a UNICEF dinner we hosted together. She was standing gripping the side of the reading stand, giving a speech. I was sitting next to the stand waiting for my turn to speak; her hand was at my eye level. Beautiful, gracious, delicate Audrey had this strong, practical, matter-of-fact hand. I could see she had been gardening or cleaning her home, and  I imagined that she didn't even shy away from a screwdriver or hammer. Worshipping practicality, as my mother taught me, I doubled my admiration for Audrey Hepburn. 
(page 31, Some of Me by Isabella Rossellini, 1997 Random House hard cover edition)

That is, I suspect, true style: walking the world adorned with your core values --not a little black dress and a cigarette holder.

Well, that's it for me today Shoestringers! Til we meet again spend wise, love lots and wear what you value above labels.



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