Shoestring Swoon: My Favorite Klimt Women

I have been avoiding this blog. Because there are topics I should be writing about that are singularly unpleasant for me at the mome: my weight, my finances and how these two dystopic worlds collide. Ugh, I'm just not ready! But I can't leave you hanging (by a shoestring, ho ho ho) any longer. So humor me, my budget buddies, while I indulge in a lil creative procrastination. Today I wish to rhapsodize on the "Gustav Klimt aesthetic". My love of the painter's work has been well-documented on this blog and, indeed, one of my most popular posts of all time is about Klimt's influence on fashion. His riveting depictions of women in their shabby-sumptuous attire (or in no attire at all) are so baroque, so melancholy and mysterious. I find I often take a page from Klimt's look book: a wild smoky eye here, a glittering vintage choker there. And since I first posed for the little black & white pic showcased in this blog's logo I've grown out my hair to a righteous fluff of manic curls, highlighted a glittering pale gold for good measure. In other words, it is time to get noticed people!

Thinking about this has made me realize that many of the actresses who inspire me style-wise evoke the same gothic fin-de-siècle essence that Klimt's subjects do. Here are my 5 favorite "Klimt women come to life."

~Rachel Weisz~
With her Austro-Hungarian lineage, Rachel is natch Klimt-esque!

~Hanna Schygulla~
In her decades-long career, Fassbinder's muse has always managed to make the dramatic work. Check out that fan-like headgear from the movie Faust!

~Isabelle Adjani~
What can I say? Pure radiance: eroticism and innocence in one.

~Eva Green~
Growing up, Eva Green reportedly idolized Adjani. They do remind me of one another, 
though I'd say Eva sports an extra dash of "wicked".

And last but not least, the woman I consider The Queen of Klimt...

~Carol Kane~
People usually think of her as a comedian, a kooky character actress with oversized eyes 
and a childlike, trilling voice. But she is also a haunting beauty equal parts angel and alien: 
not quite of this world, but perfectly at home in Klimt's.


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