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The Impermanence of Pots ...Perhaps

Well I have recently returned from vacation, Shoestringers, and today I slide the posts I've been planning onto the back burner to share with you my grief over a recent loss. Part of my trip was spent visiting my family and as a result I returned to Haute Hooverville with many bits and bobs my mother had stored for me lo the many years of my theoretical adulthood. One of the most prized items was a gorgeous raku pot a college friend had made and gifted to me upon her graduation. Sadly, despite my best packing efforts, the raku pot did not survive the trip:

The pieces are big and I could try glueing it but (in true shoestring spirit) I am toying with the idea of turning it into something else altogether or even displaying it as is in some manner. There is a certain rough beauty about the break lines. The fragments cry out to me "I survived" and why not? Isn't that what life does to us? Shatters us to bits and forces us to create something new out of the mess.

Perhaps …