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A Maxi Misstep, or, Help! I'm Wearing a Sheet!

Finally back, Shoestringers! I had been working on a gorgeous post about jewelry --and promptly lost it! When I was unable to restore via cache to my satisfaction, it sorta beat me down for awhile. But today's outfit inspired me to share my thoughts on the maxi dress. Essentially, they're mixed. Today's the first truly hot day of the season and as I've been lazy with my laundry this week options were few. I debuted a dress I recently acquired from Gap. Oh Gap! It's the drunk dial lover of my closet. I don't really like it anymore. I know it just isn't the one for me. But every so often it calls and I say, sure get over here with your overpriced flimsy wares that I don't really love but am resorting to in a moment of sartorial desperation. I'm easy, and while I can practically see through you, cheap cotton --you're so transparent!-- come hither. But I digress. Feeling the need to try a different silhouette than my usual choices, I bought the Drap…

Of Frivolity and Snark: A Few Words About Boston

What is it that keeps me from this blog when I'm not writing regularly? Laziness sometimes, industry others. For the past few weeks however I've been, well, not quite feeling like I could. Perhaps I should start by coming clean: the place from which and of I write, my materialistic, pretentious & downright detestable at times Haute Hooverville, USA, that bastion of gentrification where a broke girl can't catch a break, is indeed Boston (including one of its tonier suburbs). With all the sadness and turmoil surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings, I simply have not had the heart to be snarky and snippy at my lil town. And I also have felt sheepish at the thought of putting time and energy into blathering about things like my latest jewelry accessories and how Sensodyne is totally trying to rip you off with its value pack advertising. In short, how can one be frivolous when there is so much hurt? But life marches on and thus we must frivol (yeah, that's a real verb …