A Maxi Misstep, or, Help! I'm Wearing a Sheet!

Finally back, Shoestringers! I had been working on a gorgeous post about jewelry --and promptly lost it! When I was unable to restore via cache to my satisfaction, it sorta beat me down for awhile. But today's outfit inspired me to share my thoughts on the maxi dress. Essentially, they're mixed. Today's the first truly hot day of the season and as I've been lazy with my laundry this week options were few. I debuted a dress I recently acquired from Gap. Oh Gap! It's the drunk dial lover of my closet. I don't really like it anymore. I know it just isn't the one for me. But every so often it calls and I say, sure get over here with your overpriced flimsy wares that I don't really love but am resorting to in a moment of sartorial desperation. I'm easy, and while I can practically see through you, cheap cotton --you're so transparent!-- come hither. But I digress. Feeling the need to try a different silhouette than my usual choices, I bought the Drapey Maxi:

This is the version I bought: a blue & white print.

But please note the same dress in heather grey.
This picture better approximates how it looks on me (minus some of my hippage).

Well, I just don't know about this! I am having buyer's remorse and no surprise because I wasn't entirely convinced about the dress when I bought it. It was originally priced at about $75 USD but I got it for 30% off.  My verdict? Not worth it, even at the sale price. In future if I go with such a long hemline I will stick to $30 or under frocks from TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

I'm tallish at 5'7" with very long legs, but this dress is too long for me. It's even longer than in the second pic and I like wearing flat sandals in the summertime. Plus like so many off-the-rack garments these days it is not really worth going to the trouble of hemming it. And so much fabric! I actually feel more body conscious walking down the street than I would in a skimpier style. Also, I'm not loving this season's lower waistline. If you have a short torso, high waist and long legs it will make you look thicker in the middle --never good. All this fabric whirling about my legs makes me feel like I've got myself trapped inside a sheet that's hanging on the clothesline! It's a shame. Maxi looks are made for the tall but they can also add unnecessary bulk. I'd guestimate this dress makes me look 5 lbs heavier even though the fabric is relatively lightweight. I think it will do for lounging around my bf's house on a summer evening (there's a swell back deck!) but I wouldn't buy this dress again. So buyer beware with the maxi dress and proceed with caution. It might not work for you even if you are not petite. Hmm, perhaps I'll actually try to shrink it!

I do however recommend the sandals I'm wearing today: b.o.c. by Born's Cersei Metallic Sandal in Rose Gold/Pewter:

These are a carry over from last summer and they have held up nicely. As of this post date, you can still buy them at Famous Footwear at a sizable discount. I also have a pair in silver  & black. When you find something that does work, stock up!


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