Of Frivolity and Snark: A Few Words About Boston

What is it that keeps me from this blog when I'm not writing regularly? Laziness sometimes, industry others. For the past few weeks however I've been, well, not quite feeling like I could. Perhaps I should start by coming clean: the place from which and of I write, my materialistic, pretentious & downright detestable at times Haute Hooverville, USA, that bastion of gentrification where a broke girl can't catch a break, is indeed Boston (including one of its tonier suburbs). With all the sadness and turmoil surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings, I simply have not had the heart to be snarky and snippy at my lil town. And I also have felt sheepish at the thought of putting time and energy into blathering about things like my latest jewelry accessories and how Sensodyne is totally trying to rip you off with its value pack advertising. In short, how can one be frivolous when there is so much hurt? But life marches on and thus we must frivol (yeah, that's a real verb --look it up). We all can't save the world one piece of searing prose and lit-up pixel at a time. Sometimes all one can do is complain about it... which brings me back to the subject of snark. I have decided that when one gives up snark the terrorists win. So, as my patriotic duty I intend to carry out the following 3-step plan:

1. Continue to mock the Boston area by referring to it solely as Haute Hooterville.

2. Persist in making fun of Haute Hoovervillians: mind-numbingly insipid, fashion lemmings that are never to be seen without a Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag, I mean you!!!

3. Keep on writing about whatever I damn well please no matter how silly. Sensodyne toothpaste, brassieres and why you can never find a good one without it being discontinued, picture frames, why I love Target, chocolate both dark and milk, Trader Joe's, flappers, cellulite creams --a good buy or good bye?, fairy tales, turtles, pretty rocks, the simple things and how the best things in life are free, how unfair it is that I don't have a Gucci bag and...

Um, I think you get the gist.

The absence of something is never nothing. Especially if what's absent is sadness.


  1. Oh, my! You're so right about the bra thing! I love sticking to the same model and buying it year after year. For me, it's the same thing with a lot of make up and nail polish. When they eliminate what you like, it feels like a stab in the back!
    After the bombings in Madrid, life went on as well... What else can you do? Apart from spreading good will (even the snarky type ;)) online and in real life...

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Caroline! And thank you for your observations on the Madrid bombing.

    In a lighter vein, you can read more about my "brassiere battles" by clicking the Shoestring Subject "Boulder Holders" (see sidebar).

    Take care!

  3. agreed. I think there is that mourning time, where we all must turn inwards and reflect, but continuing to live and live life WELL AND BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY AND POSITIVE shows that we will never be broken. So bring on your sensodine and your best jewelry...we are ready!


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