Inexpensive Inspiration: A String of Beads

"I am Paris, and I am a string of beads on a hot dancer."
~from the film Julia

Real pearls, fake pearls, stone, plastic, glass --even paper! You can find a beaded necklace to suit every taste and budget. One of my favorite looks is to wear a strand of beads looped around my neck more than once. The line of beads at the throat makes a very attractive statement and draws the eye to one's face and collar bone.

The idea for this post is my new favorite necklace, a strand of pink beads that I was gifted on my last birthday. It was something I had had my eye on for some time and as you can see this was a present I was thrilled to receive:

Sally sports her quartz!
I looped this medium-length strand twice with the extra loop worn at the base of the neck; I have longer necklaces that I can loop 3, 4, and even 5 times depending on my outfit & mood. Also note this necklace has a clasp but the hardware is stylish enough to let show.

Rose-quartz strand, looped twice.
This close up taken in natural light shows the actual color and clarity of the beads. These beads are rose quartz, but you can find similar pieces in glass and plastic.

Now enough about me! Here's some ladies who rocked this look that are sure to inspire:

Sylvia Kristel
When the erotic French film Emmanuelle became a mainstream hit, Sylvia Kristel and her pearls achieved icon status. And btw, this is a modestly cropped pic so as you can guess she isn't wearing much else in this photo. Yet people still remember her necklace and not just her... um, well, just goes to show you what jewelry can do!

Josephine Baker
Cabaret superstar Josephine Baker makes beads fun & flirty!

Marie Prevose
Silent film actress Marie Prevost creates a more vampish look.

Anne Boleyn
Doomed wife of Henry VIII Anne Boleyn proves this look is timeless. It's a pity her neck swapped the pearls for the sword!

Coco Chanel
Last but not least, every fashionista knows this photo of designer Coco Chanel. And no wonder! This necklace overload conveys a strength in keeping with the woman wearing it.


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