Shoestring Serious: A Tribute to My Father

Dear Readers,

This spring I added school to my juggling act of work, worry, blogging and budgeting. It has been tough to keep all my pins in the air and as I have pointed out more than once on this blog I just don't post enough anymore! But recently I've had a more somber distraction that I felt I just could not not address before posting anything further: my father died this month after a long struggle with cancer and emphysema. Events like that can make it hard to blog on but my father was a writer too and so here I am.

Last year in the post How to Pick a Perfect Orange I wrote about dad and about my fears of losing him. Odd title? Well you'll get it if you read it. And I hope you do. I talk about many of the things I love about him, about who he was. It is one of my most personal posts and in his memory I share it with you all again today.


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