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Coming Soon: The Sophia Says Series!

Time and time again I've extolled the wonders of library-hunting. Books are free entertainment yet without them I would feel most poor. My nightstand has been sporting quite a few high brow tomes as of late but one also needs a light read from time to time, a bit of fun, and that's another thing I love about libraries: you can sometimes find the most delightful out-of-print treasures. Imagine my film and fashion lover's delight whe I spied Sophia Loren's 1984 how-to treatise Women & Beauty.

But this is so much more than a "wear this, do that" instruction manual. No, Ms. Loren delves into the very essence of what beauty is, how it makes you feel, and how we can all take command of our own beauty. And while there are beauty tips galore in its pages, this book holds too much wisdom within not to share it with my readers in depth. I had originally planned to do just one post but that would be a crime! So keep coming back, Shoestringers, for over the next few…