Coming Soon: The Sophia Says Series!

Time and time again I've extolled the wonders of library-hunting. Books are free entertainment yet without them I would feel most poor. My nightstand has been sporting quite a few high brow tomes as of late but one also needs a light read from time to time, a bit of fun, and that's another thing I love about libraries: you can sometimes find the most delightful out-of-print treasures. Imagine my film and fashion lover's delight whe I spied Sophia Loren's 1984 how-to treatise Women & Beauty.

But this is so much more than a "wear this, do that" instruction manual. No, Ms. Loren delves into the very essence of what beauty is, how it makes you feel, and how we can all take command of our own beauty. And while there are beauty tips galore in its pages, this book holds too much wisdom within not to share it with my readers in depth. I had originally planned to do just one post but that would be a crime! So keep coming back, Shoestringers, for over the next few weeks I will be sharing my favorite pieces of Sophia's beauty wisdom. 

The next post in our Sophia Series will focus on Ms. Loren's thoughts about self-confidence and the essential role it plays in being beautiful. Until then, let me leave you with this wonderful passage from the book's introduction. It truly sets the tone for the chapters to come:

I have tried here to speak only of those things I know. I can't pretend to tell what color a blond should use on her eyes or what blouse will look well on a flat-chested woman. Instead, I hope to share with you what I have learned about beauty through my work, my experience and my travels. I have tried to talk about subjects that will be of use to all women. This is not a book of techniques, although I have included tips and suggestions whenever I can. My goal is to help you take a second, mature look at how a woman is beautiful.
~Sophia Loren, Women & Beauty 
Introduction, page 9


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