Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament: Prototype 1

A belated Happy Thanksgiving and an on-time Happy Chanukah one and all! I did not go to the mall today. I might like having stuff but shopping for it is another matter. I hate the hustle bustle of the holiday retail season and I most certainly stay away on Black Friday! Nope, today I just did my best imitation of a lazy cat, curling up in my boyfriend's cozy little house outside the city (my refuge from Haute Hooverville!) and not doing too much of anything but nap, snack and what not. Part of that what not was crafting and at last I began to make ornaments for our impending Christmas tree. The title of this post says "Prototype 1" however because my little plan for a nifty baum bobble didn't exactly turn out quite right and so I will have to go back to the drawing board. But I'm almost there-- see below for the basic plan:

Essentially my only problem is that the buttons I used to hold it all together (pictured here 3: the main anchor button at the bottom + 2 more) are not enough to keep the wood pieces properly aligned. There will be some movement of course but I need to tighten things up a bit for it to hang as nicely as shown. I will experiment with different-sized buttons and threading techniques; for now, I've gone ahead and painted all the wooden parts a shimmery silver. Making priceless memories on a shoestring: bag of wooden craft pieces (100+) $8, local art supply; silver paint & value-pack of paint brushes $7, Michaels; buttons and thread, home supply.


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