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Sophia Says: True Style & Shopping Smart

Welcome to the next installment of our Sophia Says Series, featuring musings, tips and tricks from Sophia Loren's book Women & Beauty. Today you shall be treated with Loren's lessons on how to look good and shop well.

On how she made do as a struggling starlet with little money for clothes: In order to have something to wear in those early days in Rome, something that would cost practically nothing and could be worn all day long and into evening, and on every sort of occasion, I took my clothes, my navy skirt and white blouse, and dyed them black. Even my handkerchief became black. It was the only way I could think of to provide a versatile wardrobe at no cost. And it worked. I could go anywhere in my black clothes, and the simplicity of my appearance was very elegant. Even when I was surrounded by women in expensive, colorful dresses, I always felt comfortable in my black outfit.

On building a wardrobe:
If I could give you one piece of advice about fashion it would be to fo…

Caroline Berg Eriksen: Ladies, Get Over It

9 days ago a Norwegian fitness blogger named Caroline Berg Eriksen Instagrammed a selfie of herself looking amazing just days after giving birth. And women went berserk. I had no intention of blogging about this. I have a long-overdue Sophia Loren post and decoration how-to's to worry about, but links to vids and features about this catastrophe keep popping up in my online field of vision and a few things about the negative reactions to Eriksen's pic have gotten on my nerves. So excuse me while I take a moment, climb up on my shoebox, and knock my bullet points out. Ahem, here goes:

1. Women (especially in the US) are crying foul. The pic can't be real! She's shaming women and making them feel pressured to look like that postpartum! First off, she's a fitness blogger who was in amazing shape before, worked out about 6 days a weeks for much of her pregnancy and gained a lean, mean 22lbs while preggers. Maybe her body's impressive comeback is unusual, but is it …

Ornament Adornment: Christmas Craft Project Phase 2

Here's a quick glimpse at the next stage of the holiday craft project I blogged about last week: going over the base coat of silver paint with Extreme Glitter acrylic from Michaels.

The next step is putting it all together! Stay tuned, Shoestringers! xoxo Sally