Shoestring on the Street: DIY Handbag Style

Hey there Shoestringers! My regular readers know that while I have a bit of a thing for fancy handbags I also have no patience for carrying labels for labels' sake --case in point my posts on Longchamp and Louis Vuitton. The streets of Haute Hooverville teem with women sporting the same bag, a robotic army of Madison Avenue suckers. Therefore I was delighted the other day to spy something as unique as this safety-pin bedecked tote. I know, I know, safety pins, old news, right? In this case, not at all. The way this shoestring fashionista used pins to mimic a beaded pattern effect is wildly creative and certainly sparks ideas in my own bean:

Now the only question I have is... who the heck is she?! When I met her, I had just enough time to extend my compliments, snap some pics & give her the name of the blog before we were off and running to catch a subway. So if you're out there, creative woman who generously agreed to let me blog about your purse, please do leave a comment or drop me a line at shoestringnews(at)gmail(dot)com. I'd love to credit you for your snazzy DIY style!


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