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Sophia Says: Hair, the "Vital Accessory"

Thank you for your patience! At long last, Sophia Says is back: a series of posts where I share my favorite bits of wisdom from Sophia Loren's timeless style guide Women & Beauty. Heretofore, we have looked primarily at Loren's belief in the mind-body connection of beauty, and specifically how your attitude and personality can shape your look. Now we shift to a more specific topic --haircare. But even when it comes to addressing a particular external feature, Loren considers it essential to consider who you as a person.

[Your hair] can be a beauty accessory that helps you play whatever role your life demands with greater effectiveness and ease. I have always been impressed as an actress by how the accessories of a part --the costume, makeup and hairdo-- can help to create the essence of a character. Even though you may not be an actress, you should be aware of how your most important natural accessory can affect not only your look but your spirit and even, to some degree, y…

Vintage Toy Treasure Found! Knickerbocker's Lamby Pie

More snow is supposed to be coming my way but March nevertheless came in like a lamb for me --a Lamby Pie to be exact. For this morning I was greeted by a package from my mother, a suprise gift. I knew she was sending me something and thought it a little strange, but I did not expect it to be anything very unusual. I've been rather down lately; I figured it was just a little pick-me-up bijou, like a favorite cosmetic procurred on sale or something. Instead I got the shock of my life! She had found on eBay and bought for me my favorite childhood toy, a little lamb with a blue sweater named Lamby Pie. Update: my mother bought Lamby Pie from bime4you and this seller carries lots of swell vintage toys so please check it out! 

Now the tale of Lamby Pie is one of treachery and woe. It begins with treachery, for she was technically my cousin's Easter basket present but as my mother told me I had my eye on Lamby the moment I saw her. So I stole her. Somehow I secreted her away and to …