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Sally's Latest Library Finds & Recycled Reads

What things are needed to live life in style? Swanky clothes and sparkly jewels? They are nice but not essential. No a life of beauty and elegance is built upon and bolstered by such wonders as imagination, creativity and curiousity ...all things that can be nurtured with books. My regular readers know that at Shoestring News we advocate visiting libraries and used book shops over paying full retail so here's a peak at my latest finds. I hope these treasures inspire you to hunt down your own Shoestring Reads!

First up, I am currently reading 2 Prospectors: The Letters of Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark, edited by Chad Hammett. This is a relatively new book and I got it at the library. Fans and students of Shepard's plays will find this cache of correspondance between him and his friend/former father-in-law Dark fascinating, but I also think it would appeal to anyone into philosophy, the creative process, the history of alternative spiritual movements and/or the American counter-cu…

Time Out from Fashion: Another Dental Rant

I'll try to make this short and sweet: in a recent post I railed against the dental industry and the oblivious attitude many dentists project towards the very real internal struggle patients can experience over the financial sacrifices inherent in having beautiful teeth. Whoa, did that sentence make sense? That's a mess o' clauses! In other words, there's this attitude that patients don't care enough about themselves if they choose paying other more pressing bills over having top-drawer choppers. Anyway, here is part two of this argument: the medical/dental industry seems more invested in passing the buck on blame than helping people. This sad truth hit home for me recently when I had to get minor gum surgery --which I needed, I should add, due to a pesky piece of dental cement that was left under my gum during previous dental work! Before the periodontist could do the procedure I had to sign a waiver that said they are not at fault if the work they do causes me wo…