Sally's Latest Library Finds & Recycled Reads

What things are needed to live life in style? Swanky clothes and sparkly jewels? They are nice but not essential. No a life of beauty and elegance is built upon and bolstered by such wonders as imagination, creativity and curiousity ...all things that can be nurtured with books. My regular readers know that at Shoestring News we advocate visiting libraries and used book shops over paying full retail so here's a peak at my latest finds. I hope these treasures inspire you to hunt down your own Shoestring Reads!

First up, I am currently reading 2 Prospectors: The Letters of Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark, edited by Chad Hammett. This is a relatively new book and I got it at the library. Fans and students of Shepard's plays will find this cache of correspondance between him and his friend/former father-in-law Dark fascinating, but I also think it would appeal to anyone into philosophy, the creative process, the history of alternative spiritual movements and/or the American counter-culture movements of the 1960 and 1970s. It's really quite an intriguing mixed bag of social history, art theory, poetry and stoner BS --but seriously, any writer or aspiring writer needs to drink in the rhapsodic rough raucous rhythm of the language between the two men. 

Another bijou is something I procurred for a friend from a used bookstore: a vintage 9-book series of paperback mysteries featuring 1960's TV detective Honey West (portrayed by the lovely Anne Francis). A good friend of mine is a big Honey West fan and was thrilled that I chanced upon the set during a routine browse. Now usually I say buy used books so that you spend less than the original retail price, but when it comes to collectibles like these you're very likely going to pay more. But, the store was definitely selling them for less than a savvy collector would command on Ebay so for my friend it was still a Shoestring Steal:

Honey x 9: The Honey West paperback series
featuring actress Anne Francis on cover, circa 1965-66.

Happy hunting (and reading), Shoestringers!


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