Time Out from Fashion: Another Dental Rant

I'll try to make this short and sweet: in a recent post I railed against the dental industry and the oblivious attitude many dentists project towards the very real internal struggle patients can experience over the financial sacrifices inherent in having beautiful teeth. Whoa, did that sentence make sense? That's a mess o' clauses! In other words, there's this attitude that patients don't care enough about themselves if they choose paying other more pressing bills over having top-drawer choppers. Anyway, here is part two of this argument: the medical/dental industry seems more invested in passing the buck on blame than helping people. This sad truth hit home for me recently when I had to get minor gum surgery --which I needed, I should add, due to a pesky piece of dental cement that was left under my gum during previous dental work! Before the periodontist could do the procedure I had to sign a waiver that said they are not at fault if the work they do causes me worse problems, pain, loosing my teeth, etc., etc. I mean a bucketload of etceteras. Like a mammoth couple paragraphs of tragedies that could beset me because of what they are doing. This is immoral and unethical! And yet with a flash of my John Hancock it is legal: proof positive that the law isn't always right. Afterwards I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a prominent medical sociologist and her response was "Yes, we are at their mercy." How sad is that?!


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