Sophia Says: Loren on Aging Gracefully

After a brief hiatus we're back with more beauty wisdom from Hollywood legend Sophia Loren. Today I will share with you one of my favorite passages from Loren's still very relevant 1980s guidebook Women & Beauty. The topic du jour? Skincare! Partcularly I wish to focus on her observations about aging, because we all do it! Also, her take on the issue exemplifies the running thread of her book: the internal state impacts the external. While Loren is clearly genetically blessed, she has also taken care good of her skin over the years as one can see from the below comparison of her in her twenties with a more recent shot of her well past middle age:

Even if she's had a little work done, the overall quality of her skin is a testament to daily self-care.

And for those of you who say the second picture is all lighting and retouching, here's a more candid shot of her --taken in her 70s!

Less forgiving lighting but skin quality still amazing.

Any nips & tucks she might have had aside, Loren has always made exfoliation and facial treatments a regular part of her routine but something she has a lot to talk about is how your attitude (especially a tendency to be grumpy and frown) can negatively impact your looks. She also urges women to make peace with the changes their skin undergoes as they age. Beauty routines must evolve and there is little sense in pursuing a beauty ideal utterly divorced from your biological age. I love the way she sums it up:

“It is impossible to have young skin unless one is young. I think a more satisfying and realistic approach to our quest for beautiful skin is to remember that the face is an indication of character. When we are young we are unformed, and there is little to see in our faces except the smoothness that nature has given them. However as time goes by, we take responsibility for our faces —not only in the care we give them but more important, in what they show of our natures. Boredom, complaints, bad temper, irritation are all visible in the face, and over a period of time become indelible.”

And with that I wrap up our first round of Sophia Says. I hope you've enjoyed these past few months of Sophia posts. I was planning on getting into more detail about her skincare beauty secrets but at the last minute decided I should first try out some of her homemade concoctions myself, so stay tuned for a future post all about Sophia's secrets!



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