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Farmers Markets, Food Deserts and True Abundance

Blogging again at last! Today finds summer and me in full swing, with thoughts turning to all the yummy seasonal produce out there for the taking... or not, depending on where you live. 

Are you able to buy fresh fruits and veggies?

If so, you are rich!
You see, something I have been counting my lucky stars for lately is that I live right by a farmers market, in addition to several stores that carry high quality organic produce. That might not sound too exceptional but many people in the US are living in food deserts, or places where there is a lack of access to fresh produce. One of the best ways we can all give back is to support community gardens in food desert zones. These areas are often in poorer urban neighborhoods so if you live in or near a city you are in a prime position to help. 

Because let's face it, when it comes to wealth we tend to think carets, not carrots --but that's all wrong! The story of economic disparity in this country is written in our medical charts and…