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Rainy Day Reads & Stylish Friends: My Visit to the Brattle Book Shop

On a little side street in Boston, MA, tucked in between the city's bustling shopping center Downtown Crossing and the famous Common resides the quaint Brattle Book Shop. While it is possible to spend a pretty penny on a rare antique volume while at the Brattle, this Beantown gem also provides rich stomping grounds for the bookworm on a shoestring budget. I especially love the "cheapie stacks" located in the adjacent lot. I recently visited the Brattle with a dear friend of mine whose visiting from overseas. The day was rainy and a bit drab but we were delighted to find the outer book market was not totally rained out.

Coming Soon: Food for Frugal Bookworms!

Greetings Shoestringers! I've been sightseeing in New England a fair bit this fall and along the way have checked out some very cool used bookstores. So for my next few posts I will be devoting a little ink to the most stylish (imho) accessory of all: a good book.

Stay tuned for my book shop/road stop recommendations!

Fashion Tip Fave: Find Your Best Colors Face First

Today I was confronted with the dreary truth that my wardrobe depresses the hell out of me! Over the past couple years I've fallen back into the basic black trap --as in that's all I ever wear. Unless I'm feeling frisky. Then I wear grey. Once upon a time I went wild with color and it was largely due to an invaluable fashion tip I gleaned from UK style-duo Trinny and Susannah's book What You Wear Can Change Your Life: when shopping, always hold a garment up close to your face and scrutinize the effect on your skin & eyes to determine if a color works for you. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But you rarely see anyone do it! Instead people will hold the garment in front of them in an approximation of where it drapes on the body, which tells you nothing about fit by the way. Even when shoppers try on clothing they will rarely take the time to do the face check. The shoestring shopper, however, must be as discerning as possible. Every penny is precious and all the angle…

5 Insights I Took Away from the Women and Finance Q&A

How do you feel upon reading the following phrases? Financial planning. Retirement. Emergency savings. GULP! Lump in your throat forming? Breaking out in a cold sweat, perhaps? If so, you’re not alone. Money matters can trigger anxiety and panic in the most fiscally conscientious individual. Why? Simply put, money --and the lack thereof, real or hypothetical-- is some scary stuff. From basic survival to social status, money often defines who we are and where we’re going. You can’t let it psych you out, however. Easier said than done, right? Absolutely! But as a first step, let’s get the conversation started.

I recently attended a Women in Cambridge Q&A event featuring money guru Amy Witherbee. Amy is a financial planner at Revolution Capital and a founding member of Women in Cambridge, a group dedicated to fostering the cultural and professional interests of women in and around the Cambridge, MA area. The queries posed that evening were pointed and the discussion lively; it reall…