Rainy Day Reads & Stylish Friends: My Visit to the Brattle Book Shop

On a little side street in Boston, MA, tucked in between the city's bustling shopping center Downtown Crossing and the famous Common resides the quaint Brattle Book Shop. While it is possible to spend a pretty penny on a rare antique volume while at the Brattle, this Beantown gem also provides rich stomping grounds for the bookworm on a shoestring budget. I especially love the "cheapie stacks" located in the adjacent lot. I recently visited the Brattle with a dear friend of mine whose visiting from overseas. The day was rainy and a bit drab but we were delighted to find the outer book market was not totally rained out.

The Brattle Book Shop ...featuring its famous large pencil!

Located at 9 West St., the Brattle is proof it pays to eschew the main road for the side streets.

The mural of famous authors on display in the outside book lot.

The rain unfortunately kept many books under wraps that day but...

there's still hundreds of books to comb through in the shelves lining the lot.

Hmm, think I'll pass on this one. But love the cover art!

Here's a tribute to one of the most stylish gals I know: my friend Namrata, rocking red boots in the rain.

Plenty of books inside too. Thanks for green-lighting all the candids, Namrata!

The Brattle always has timely displays: Happy Halloween!

The Dalai Lama has several speaking engagements in Boston-Cambridge this week. Coincidence?

Of course, being based in Boston, the Brattle has extensive history holdings. Note diplomat Larz Anderson's book above. Anderson had a home in nearby Brookline, MA. The Anderson estate now houses a community parkland and car museum

The Brattle has some swell art on display too!

Hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of the Brattle Book Shop. In my next post, I'll serve up the skinny on the Traveler Restaurant --and used book store?!-- in Union, CT.


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