Roadside Reads: The Traveler Restaurant - Union, CT

Well it took my being bedridden by a nasty cold-flu thingy to finally update the blog. Sorry for the wait, Shoestringers! As promised here is a glimpse of another great used bookstore I visited recently: the Traveler Restaurant in Union, CT. That's right, I said restaurant. The Traveler is a sort of diner meets used bookstore and every patron of the restaurant gets to take 3 FREE books. Talk about a shoestring reader's paradise!

The quaint sign heralding "Food and Books" looms over I-84.

Travelers may also want to browse the neighboring antique shop.

In addition to the volumes on display here in the main dining room there is a lower level. Sorry I didn't get more shots of the rustic and cosy interior --I spent most of my time picking out books!
Check out the Traveler's Google+ page for more pics.

Photographs of famous authors line the walls (a bit blurry oops!).
Above: Robert Heinlein, Leon Uris, Robin Moore, George Plimpton, Isaac Asimov 

I was sneaky and purposely went with someone who doesn't like to read. So I got 6 books!
It is a mixed bag at Traveler: a couple of my picks were meh but I did find a few treasures.
"The Shape of a Year" is wonderful & will be getting its own post soon!

This old children's book was a lovely find with an eclectic hodge podge of illustrative art.

Our window table had a great view! And the food? Swell inexpensive mom & pop fare.
I recommend the hot turkey sandwich with mash!
All in all, you couldn't ask for a nicer spot to set a spell whilst New England leaf peeping!


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