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Savings & Art at Sam's Pull-A-Part

I haven't been at the blog much lately, Shoestringers, but I have been busy checking out cool and odd places and things to write about. My latest adventure was visiting a junkyard. Yep, you read that right: a junkyard, an auto junkyard to be exact. This week my boyfriend and I went a-wanderin' through Sam's Pull-A-Part in Worcester, MA.

FYI, I found a bunch of what I was looking for though I was not ready to buy (I'm thinking about fixing up a friend's old Jeep and might need a rear hatch, I'll keep you posted if I proceed with that little project!) Anyway, this is a pretty swell concept, a sort of consignment shop for car bits and bobs if you will. $2 gets you in but I was pleasantly surprised to find ladies get in for free. Now don't get all in a strop, Carrie Nation! Equality is swell where it matters but I'll take gratis entrĂ©e to a junkyard any day of the week. Once you're in, the hunt is on: there's a crew on hand to help remove the part …