Savings & Art at Sam's Pull-A-Part

I haven't been at the blog much lately, Shoestringers, but I have been busy checking out cool and odd places and things to write about. My latest adventure was visiting a junkyard. Yep, you read that right: a junkyard, an auto junkyard to be exact. This week my boyfriend and I went a-wanderin' through Sam's Pull-A-Part in Worcester, MA.

Thrift Shop Your Ride and Save!

FYI, I found a bunch of what I was looking for though I was not ready to buy (I'm thinking about fixing up a friend's old Jeep and might need a rear hatch, I'll keep you posted if I proceed with that little project!) Anyway, this is a pretty swell concept, a sort of consignment shop for car bits and bobs if you will. $2 gets you in but I was pleasantly surprised to find ladies get in for free. Now don't get all in a strop, Carrie Nation! Equality is swell where it matters but I'll take gratis entrée to a junkyard any day of the week. Once you're in, the hunt is on: there's a crew on hand to help remove the part you need and they have an impressive selection. It also looks like chaos but the cars are situated according to make so it is not a total crap shoot. The prices are pretty fair & clearly posted on their website and in their office: depending on your sitch you can save a lot of money. Of course not everyone is up for DIY car repair and I definitely recommend you bring an auto-savvy friend along if this isn't your area of expertise. But if you can at least save on parts whilst paying for labor, why not?

It was freezing cold that day and a bit icy: here I am dressed for the arctic.

So now that we've established a junkyard can be a great place to find deals on that must-have auto part, how about saving on some auto art? As you can see I had my camera and when I wasn't scoping out hatches I was snapping pix. There is a lot of beauty to be found in a junkyard. Fancy a cool, industrial print to hang in your house? Make it yourself! That's exactly what I did...

The debris-dotted turf reminded me of the beach.

An engine makes for modern sculpture. A color boost filter plays up the rust to nice effect.

What was this pre-filter? Who cares! It's all about the shapes and gestures.

Glass like a spiderweb: a haunting image.

All that we leave behind remains.

It is so easy for us to forget that all the objects we discard, all the things we let drive out our lives, have to go somewhere. It's great that places like Sam's are out there to give things new life.


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