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How to Not Resist a Rest: 3 Lessons from Snowmageddon

Mother Nature and the Privilege of Humility With the northeastern United States pummeled by record winter storms, I have experienced an unprecedented amount of snow days off from work. I am not alone, as many of my friends and neighbors have also been forced to work from home or forgo work altogether. I have felt a restlessness pervade Haute Hooverville (aka the Boston Metro area), and yes I too have felt stifled with cabin fever and disoriented by the total reversal of status quo. Snow has crippled our transit system and our spirits and yet I have been cheering on the storm and will continue to do so. Because let's face it folks, we are on nature's turf, and it's times like this where we have to accept that our seemingly impenetrable civilizations stand at the mercy of forces greater than us. Storms like the now-infamous Snowmageddon of 2015 are indeed humbling --but only if you allow yourself the privilege of humility and all of its rewards.

Lesson #1: Bitch Not and Emb…

Vintage Hand-Me-Downs? Yes Please!

I'm here today with a fashion find quickie, Shoestringers! We all love stretching our wardrobe dollars with Goodwill goodies and consignment shop treasure. But it's even better when a gorgeous find makes its way into your hands for free. My very fashionable friend Gisela recently gifted me with a swell handmade leather bag, a vintage Etienne Aigner she's had so long she said she'd have to hunt through her picture albums to date it! The bag wears its age well and it's a lovely piece. But of course, Gisela has an eye for style. Regular readers will remember her gorgeous Burberry trench I profiled last year. But enough with Burberry, back to the bag...

I haven't been able to identify the exact model or production date but looking at pictures of similar older-style Aigner bags online the color of this bag is most likely what was called Oxblood. Inside it simply says "Aigner hand made" (see photograph below).

What I love about this very simple shoulder bag…