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Seeking Springtime Inspirations: Style is Everywhere!

Despite the bitter cold wind still assailing my little town, it is wonderful to once more be able to navigate the streets unhampered by heaps of snow and piles of slush. Winter's death grip stubbornly refuses to slacken (much) but I am keeping an eye out for summer, and relishing those flashes of springtime that seem to say, "Don't worry. Better days are coming!"

As I reaquaint myself with the world, I find random blips of beauty & inspiration all around me:

How to Survive Barnes & Noble: A Savings Strategy for the Frugal Bookworm

I rarely go into Barnes & Noble, that literary bastion of psuedo-savings, To Kill A Mockingbird totes and Peter Rabbit tchotchke. Oh sure, their wares are tempting... but that is precisely the problem! A penny-pinching shoestringer like myself must resist the temptation to overindulge in books, and that is tough because books aren't just my jam: they're my jam, my peanut butter, bread and the whole glass of milk. So when I recently found myself in B&N I almost fell off the savings wagon big time. The displays are too slick and shiny and genre-saturated to resist! But resist I did and I remained true to my library therapy regime in the process.

Goal: Delay your purchase, but not your gratification. My smartphone camera totally saved me. I used to resist the urge to splurge on a book (or ten) by jotting down titles in a notebook, then I'd get the books out from the library later. Same practice but now I just snap a picture of the book with my phone. The funny thing I…

Shoestring News is No More --long live Shoestring Sally!

After careful thought, I have chosen to rebrand the blog and it's affiliated social media presence across the board as Shoestring Sally. It dovetails more sweetly with the url, a custom url I acquired after the inception of Shoestring News and one that has increasingly come to signify what this blog is all about. Therefore, my decision to align my branding with my "Blogger Ego" is very much a natural evolution. I'll have more thoughts on that later, Shoestringers!

Please bear with us during the transition process. You may see the odd "Shoestring News" pop up on the site here and there until everything is nice and tidy again.

Thank you for your continued support.
xoxo Sally