Seeking Springtime Inspirations: Style is Everywhere!

Despite the bitter cold wind still assailing my little town, it is wonderful to once more be able to navigate the streets unhampered by heaps of snow and piles of slush. Winter's death grip stubbornly refuses to slacken (much) but I am keeping an eye out for summer, and relishing those flashes of springtime that seem to say, "Don't worry. Better days are coming!"

As I reaquaint myself with the world, I find random blips of beauty & inspiration all around me:

Quaint colored lights strung on white fences.

A simple yet artfully-styled mannequin outside of Leaf in Brookline, MA.

Sunlight streaming through my shabby chic abode...

...and my hodge podge of scarves shimmering in the sun.

Final thoughts?

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” 

~Andy Warhol


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