Saturday Serendipities in Central Mass

Happy Saturday! The sun is shining and I along with it as I comtemplate a nice little break from work this week. Later today I head out to Central Mass to spend time with my favorite fella ( a country mouse to my city mouse you might say). I wonder what adventures lie in store for us this weekend? Last weekend I was also hanging out with my "Country Mouse" and what a serendipitous time it was. We hit the road and just wandered with no clear plan except a vague goal to find a brunch spot. We found a great little eatery in Upton, MA... and surprise, surprise a charming fine art gallery housed in a funky old church!

Rebecca's Place in Upton, MA offers pretty much anything you might desire in way of breakfast brunch, boasting a wide variety of flavored coffees and a formidable selection of Texas French Toast. I got the Blueberry Texas French Toast while my companion sampled the Almond Joy pancake. Both were yum. We split a side of bacon, which of course is always yum. Price-wise I'd say Rebecca's is more spluge than shoestring but definitely worth it if you've got the dough for a weekend treat.

Country Mouse and I figured we'd find a place like Rebecca's somewhere as Central, MA is definitely diner country but we most certainly didn't expect to find a gallery filled with world-renowned art in an old church that looks like it would house the Electric Mayhem Band. Right across the street from Rebecca's lies Spaightwood Galleries:

Housed in what was formerly a Unitarian Church, Spaightwood's charming gingerbread and stainglass intrigues at first sight. Warning: their old school website is a bit of a muddle to get through but don't let this dissuade you. Just hop in the car and go! What lies within is fabulous.

The owners Andy Weiner and Sonja Hansard-Weiner sell and exhibit an extensive collection of fine art prints/original works. Last week they had just wrapped up a Chagall show and were hanging their Miro show. They even have 4 of Warhol's Marilyns in their holdings! Andy Weiner was on hand to give us a tour and a more delightful and charming host could not be had.

Art fills up every nook and cranny. The effect is a sort of mad jumble that nevertheless seems quite at home with the beautiful old stain glass windows from the building's days as a house of worship.

All in all, the gallery was a glorious thing to stumble upon, and while much of the Spaightwood's stock is priced well above my shoestring budget, this place is definitely worth a visit! All around us lies serendipity just waiting to be found.

Happy Saturday, Happy Serendipities!


  1. Would love to visit someday!

    1. I definitely recommend it --thank you for taking the time to comment!

      :-) Sally


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