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Craft Quickie: Pin Board Makeover

It was almost 3 years ago that I jazzed up a plain cork pin board with paper! The paper was looking pretty beat up so today I went to Paper Source and gave my pinboard a colorful makeover. Take a look!

See the above picture for a closeup of my before. If you compare it to the pix in my first post you'll note I changed up the position of the papers from time to time, making little "paper pockets" with the pins. I love the look but time for a change --and don't worry, I'll find a use for the old paper!

Get Back to Basics: Is Social Media Killing Your Blog?

Well, is it? I don't know about you but I have found that an activity which started out as a casual side-hustle channel for promoting my blogging has quickly supplanted my blog all together. And I'm not even that active on social media! Facebook is not the time suck here --for the most part I just auto-share my feed content from the other networks to FB because, at least in my case, I have not found Facebook to be a big growth area follower-wise. It's more like an easy way for my close friends and relatives to keep tabs on my writing (Thx for the Likes, Ma!) No the big diversion has proven to be Twitter and to a lesser extent Instagram. Again I don't tweet/insta much --at least not compared to some people-- but I do invest a little time on each network every day and increasingly social networks are the starting point to Shoestring Sally's online presence and not the actual blog. I don't feel good about that. Because it is not the trending tweets and follows th…