Craft Quickie: Pin Board Makeover

It was almost 3 years ago that I jazzed up a plain cork pin board with paper! The paper was looking pretty beat up so today I went to Paper Source and gave my pinboard a colorful makeover. Take a look!

See the above picture for a closeup of my before. If you compare it to the pix in my first post you'll note I changed up the position of the papers from time to time, making little "paper pockets" with the pins. I love the look but time for a change --and don't worry, I'll find a use for the old paper!

For a bolder new look, I picked up this colorful packet of decorative paper from Spice Market at Paper Source:

This looks like a nice arrangement!

Now in go the pins! I love crafts that don't require adhesives.

Here's the finished product on the wall. Just one problem: it's too pretty to cover up! 

Looks like I won't be pinning anything on this pretty pin board any time soon. :-P


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